backup software

Backup software is a core element of any data protection strategy in any company. Modern programs are built as modular ones, therefore the set of functions needed in the company may be precisely tailored. Advatech delivers the software of all leading manufacturers. Our certified engineers make sure the ordered products are correctly configured.

The hardware/software product range

  • midrange-class backup software
  • enterprise-class backup software
  • workstation backup/replication software
  • remote server centralized replication software
  • online database backup software
  • server replication software
  • file/mail archiving software
  • HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) software
  • backup system monitoring/reporting software

Key manufacturers

operating systems

We offer operating systems and application software manufactured by most of the leading operating system manufacturers. We can configure systems to run on individual hardware platforms.

The hardware/software product range

  • operating systems
  • application software manufactured by operating system manufacturers

Key manufacturers
SUN Microsystems
Red Hat

anti-virus systems

Advatech offers hardware/software anti-virus solutions manufactured by most of the key manufacturers. We offer solutions tailored for small IT centres, as well as for large institutions/corporations.

The hardware/software product range

  • server/workstation anti-virus systems
  • mail server anti-virus systems
  • corporate anti-virus/complete protection systems
  • IDS and/or IPS systems
  • hardware/software firewalls
  • anti-spam systems

Key manufacturers
Eset Software
Trend Micro

team work/information management systems

Team-work systems – the Advatech vision

The purpose of implementing a system of team-work and a system to manage information, documents, and workflow into an organization, is to increase the workers’ productivity by improving their efficiency. This goal may be attained by the efficient management of information, or streamlining the information flow in order to finish processing the information more quickly, and in this way benefit the end-user (co-worker or customer.)

Company team work/information management systems should automate processes run within the company, support performing complex procedures (e.g. ISO-related), manage contacts with the customers, help to develop a knowledge base of the company etc.

Features of an efficient team-work / information management system include:

  • security of the organization and their workers, as well as companies and people co-operating with the organization
  • availability – suitably authorized persons must be able to access information quickly and reliably
  • confidentiality – information must be securely protected against the access of un-authorized persons
  • reduction of the operating costs of the organization (e.g. by means of reducing the number of traditionally stored paper documents)
  • saving time which would be necessary to make decisions while minimizing uncertainty
  • savings room which would be necessary to store selected traditional paper documents
  • centralization (all data are kept in a single database)
  • optimization of information utilization in the process of reaching organizational targets
  • opportunity to use previously gained knowledge and a faster learning pace
  • opportunity to trace information flow and unanimously determine who is responsible in each processing phase
  • integration of information originating from various sources regardless of the media it resides in (e.g. using a fax-mail server or some scanners).