Our many years of experience and our professional staff form a solid basis on which we can offer consulting services.

Consulting services may be broadly classified as follows:

  • hardware/software selection
  • security-related consulting services connected with an audit
  • product/security related trainings
  • advice in constructing offer inquiries
  • advice and consultation for starting-up
  • advice in vendor selection
  • financial-IT indicator calculations
  • assessments/evaluations
  • audits

Scope of consulting services:

  • central backup/archiving systems
  • HSM/ILM systems
  • tape devices
  • disk arrays
  • Storage Area Network networks
  • server room equipment
  • emergency power supply systems
  • servers and workstations
  • other.

IT system design

Advatech offers the following designs :

  • central backup/archiving systems
  • HSM/ILM systems
  • Storage Area Network networks
  • LAN/WAN networks
  • server rooms
  • emergency power supply systems

Depending on the design, the client most often receives:

  • hardware/software selection lists
  • connection layouts
  • estimated calculations for the materials
  • preliminary configuration diagrams of the devices
  • developer cost estimates
  • estimated implementaion timetables
  • technical/business module breakdowns

Depending on the agreement reached, several versions of the design, based on different supplier hardware/software, may be worked out to compare the available solutions.


Advatech offers a professional implementation of all delivered products. Projects are managed by experienced Project Managers according to the PRINCE2 methodology or its modification (e.g. AIM-PM). Proprietary elements that adopt the methodology of the specific requirements of a project are also used.

Each implementaion project is split up into a few business modules (specific business goals to be reached) and some technical modules (to streamline project management).

Each technical module is split up into (some or all of) the following stages:

  • audit and simulations
  • final agreements and stage initiation
  • working out pre-implementation documentation
  • accomplishment
  • acceptance tests (the basis for the customer’s acceptance of the work)
  • technical documentation
  • tuning and working out possible annexes to the documentation

Generally each implementation project consists of the following phases:

  • working out the technical project of the implementation
  • splitting the project into specific business/technical modules
  • working out the implementation timetable
  • accomplishing the technical modules (implementation realization)
  • closing the implementation project
  • training courses/consulting
  • tuning the system (usually 2-3 months after the project is finished)
  • technical support


Advatech offers long-term technical support for systems implemented by us. Systems composed of many components delivered by different manufacturers are particularly vulnerable to problems when fixing malfunctions, since the manufacturers are likely to try to shift the blame to another device delivered by another manufacturer.
Advatech comprehensive technical support helps to make sure that the responsibility for a failure will be borne by a single manufacturer.

Standard technical support levels may be modified upon the Client’s request.