server room equipment

High quality server room equipment must be used to build a high-class IT environment. Advatech offers systems of all sizes, from those dedicated to small IT centres (e.g. located in small company branches with a remotely managed IT infrastructure), to the largest server rooms that require a comprehensive approach to design and implementation. We can also migrate your data from the the infrastructure which is currently in use to specialized systems of the APC InfraXstructure type.

  • stand-alone and suspension 19"server racks
  • regular and manageable power strips (PDU)
  • LAN/SAN cabling systems
  • emergency power supply/distribution systems
  • environment monitoring systems
  • KVM remote console systems
  • air conditioning systems
  • access control systems

Key manufacturers
Molex Premise Network
Reichle & De-Massari

power supply protection systems

The power supply protection system is not just an UPS, but a coherent conception of data centre protection, based on some comprehensive hardware/software solutions. Data in a correctly protected server room are accessible even in the case of a serious power supply breakdown. For less demanding applications we offer a broad range of server/workstation UPSs.

The hardware/software product range

  • rack/stand alone emergency power delivery for servers (500VA up to MVA)
  • diesel generators
  • power distribution systems
  • regular/manageable PDU’s
  • monitoring systems

Key manufacturers

disk arrays

If data are to be centrally stored on disks, some disk array must be deployed. Disk arrays may be categorized depending on:

disk type

  • SATA
  • SAS
  • SCSI
  • FC

access method

  • FC
  • SCSI
  • iSCSI
  • NAS


  • low-end arrays (most often a single bay with up to several disks)
  • midrange arrays (modular arrays of up to a few hundred disks)
  • enterprise arrays (monolithic arrays of a capacity from several TB up into the Peta Byte range).

Besides hardware itself, an extremely important system component is software, which may be categorized as follows:

  • disk system monitoring & management software
  • local volume backup software
  • snapshot backup software
  • remote synchronous/asynchronous replication software
  • data access fail-over software.

The hardware/software product range

  • modular disk arrays (SATA, SAS, SCSI, iSCSI, FC, NAS)
  • monolithic disk arrays
  • SAN (Storage Area Network) networks
  • disk array software

Key manufacturers
SUN, StorageTek
Hitachi Data Systems

tape libraries

If data are to be stored for a long time, a tape library is definitely a better solution than disks. The following basic elements of tape devices may be customized in order to match tape libraries to Customer needs:

  • number of tape slots and accepted tape types - determines how many and which type of tapes may be simultaneously available to the tape library drives. Libraries which are currently on offer on the market are equipped with universal tape slots. Most of them are also scalable in terms of the number of available slots. We offer both autoloaders with 8 tape slots each, as well as tape silos of capacities of up to several hundred thousands tapes.
  • Number of tape drive slots and their types – determines how many and which type of tape drives may be mounted in the tape library.
  • Method of communication with the library – currently the most often encountered methods include FC, iSCSI and Ethernet. Smaller solutions may still employ SCSI.
  • Additional capabilities – a library shared by many backup systems, many physical libraries joined into a single logical library, redundant library robotics etc.

The hardware/software product range

  • multi-robot tape silos (including the largest libraries in the world)
  • tape libraries
  • autoloaders
  • streamers
  • tape media (any type/manufacturer)
  • midrange tape drives (LTO, SDLT)
  • enterprise-class tape drives (9840, 9940, T10000).

Key manufacturers
SUN, StorageTek

SAN networks

Currently SAN (Storage Area Network) networks are basic communication platforms used to link servers with disk/tape backup systems. We offer the SAN network infrastructure, for very small solutions essential only for linking a disk array with a server, all the way up to complex topology networks that link many devices and data centres.

The hardware/software product range

  • modular Director-class FC switches
  • FC switches
  • HBA (Host Bus Adapter) cards
  • SAN network monitoring/management software
  • FC cabling
  • FC cabling distribution elements

Key manufacturers
OEM (SUN, IBM, EMC, HP etc.)


Advatech offers most brands of workstations. As with servers, we can deliver completely configured workstations (with an operating system and set of basic applications) and install them at the Customer desks.
Advatech also offers terminal solutions.

The hardware/software product range

  • desktop workstations
  • notebooks
  • monitors, projectors
  • workstation/notebook accessories
  • classical/Sun Ray terminals

Key manufacturers


We offer a wide range of servers available at all leading manufacturers, beginning with basic desktop-type servers, all the way up to multiprocessor RISC-based machines. In particular we offer some high-density solutions i.e. Blade servers.

The hardware/software product range

  • Intel-based servers
  • AMD-based servers
  • SPARC-based servers
  • POWER-based servers
  • Blade servers
  • extensions and server parts
  • monitoring/management software
  • Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIX, other operating systems

Key manufacturers
SUN Microsystems

LAN/WAN networks

Advatech’s approach to LAN/WAN networks is comprehensive: we offer to work-out the conceptional design in order to select the most appropriate hardware, and to implement the complete network.

The hardware/software product range

  • active LAN/WAN network devices manufactured by key manufacturers
  • passive devices
  • infrastructure cabling (copper/fiber)
  • cabling distribution systems
  • monitoring systems

Key manufacturers
Reichle & De-Massari